Stability with Efficiency!

We Provide Leveling of Sinkholes, Railroad Tracks, Agricultural Buildings, Soil Densification, and More

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Quality Concrete Foam Leveling Services in Texas!

KKE Inc. is a locally owned and operated concrete leveling company servicing all of Texas. We use polyurethane foam specifically formulated to lift or raise concrete without the mess and cost of replacement. Our services are practical and affordable for anyone needing leveling services.

How Do We Do It?

  • We drill small holes through the slab
  • We attach foam concrete raising equipment to the slab
  • Then, we inject our slab jacking foam below the slab
  • The concrete rises to its original level
  • It establishes a firm foundation below the slab, preventing future settling

Our Affordable Solution

Concrete lifting foam is a permanent solution at a much more affordable price compared to replacement. Our customers are happy to find that foam slab jacking costs are around ⅓ of the cost when compared with tearing out and re-pouring of a concrete panel .

KKE Inc.